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External Cleaning & Graffiti Removal

External appearance of property is of utmost importance. High traffic areas unfortunately can show signs of usage if not properly maintained. Sidewalk/property cleaning ensures that litter and such is dealt with but often semi-permanent signs of use appear due to either direct or indirect damage by pedestrians. The most common types of damage that require professional cleaning with either hot and or cold power washing or other techniques is graffiti and gum removal. 


In some societies spitting gum is illegal as it is not only an eyesore but also a hygiene problem and can ruin footwear and clothing. Moreover, fully removing gum is painstakingly time consuming especially without the proper tools and techniques and often still leaves a residual stain.


Graffiti can be beautiful art, but more often, is an eyesore and can devalue property. 

Additionally, Graffiti vandalism leaves residents, property, and business owners with feelings of harassment and intimidation, resulting in lower property values and a loss of customers.


We exercise caution and use care on your surfaces when removing graffiti. Different surfaces, including; metal, wood, glass, plastic, and masonry require different methods for graffiti removal. We’ll get your surfaces back to their original condition.


By pressure washing and in some cases repainting, we can return the image and value of your business and property to its original condition. 

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